The Young Knights & The Mill

Two hooded figures were sneaking from the back of a house. At this late hour the darkness covered swallowed them quickly allowing them to disappear into the night.

“It’s pouring” Peter murmured half to himself and half as an accusation to Arthur. “It’s pouring” he mumbled again thinking Arthur didn’t him.
The two were covered with their only travel cape covering most of their bodies. It didn’t help much as their cloth were already soaked and the two already fantasized about the moment they returned to the inn to dry out by the fire.
“I can’t believe you volunteered us to go” Peter continued.
Knowing he had to let out some steam Arthur didn’t answer. Both of them knew they were the obvious choice for this task but Peter liked to have someone to blame for his misery.
“Why can’t we wait for the rain to stop in order to bring the flour?” Peter continued.
“Because it hadn’t stopped for three days” Arthur finally answered. “We are waiting on it to stop since lunch” he continued.

The door of the building connected to the watermill was slightly ajar which seemed odd with this weather, but the watermill owner was known as a little odd.
Arthur knocked softly on the door, waiting for a response.
“He can’t hear you” Peter banged on the door, partially opening it with his knocks.
“Jack…” Arthur called inside, trying to overcome the noise of the rain and the mill as well.
“Jack…Jack….” The two called when there was no response from inside.

Stepping inside, the place looked empty and dark. They could make out the mill turning at the far side, still producing flour. At the other corner stood a large pile of flour filled sacks but this was more their knowledge of the place and less their eyes seeing it.
“Great, we’ve come all this way and he isn’t here?” Peter grumped, although he was glad to be finally out of the rain.
“Don’t worry, he must be near by” Arthur assured him after wandering the room.
“How do you know?” Peter asked
“This sack is new” Arthur pointed to the one near the mill, he didn’t go far.

Arthur turned when he heard Peter stumble to the ground. “Be careful, don’t break anything.”
“The old man keeps forgetting stuff on the ground” Peter said, trying to get up. “I think his roof is leaking, the floor is wet over here, it can’t be good for the wheat or flour.”
Arthur extended his hand to help him up.
“What’s down there? It’s the second time I’ve stumbled into it” Peter asked, trying to clean his hands on his cloth.
The two bent down reaching around on the floor. Realizing quickly what they were grabbing, the two jumped back up.
Jack’s body was on the floor. Arthur looked at his now blood covered hands. “We have to call for help” he said to Peter heading quickly towards the door.

Peter, the tall skinny blond boy was shivering. He couldn’t tell if it was from the rain and cold outside or the encounter with a corpse.
“Over there” Peter motioned to a group heading their way.
Arthur couldn’t identify the incoming group, but he could see a few men and women holding pitchforks and axes. Twenty feet away a loud shout came from the crowd: “Get them, they’ve murdered Jack.”
Still stunned, the boys looked at each other. “Run?” Peter mumbled, while Arthur nodded and they sprinted away.

“We didn’t kill him” Peter shouted back to the raging crowd behind them which seemed to get bigger by the moment.
“I’m not sure it would help” Arthur called over the pouring rain.
They were just passing a small cabin when a man came out.” Grab them” he quickly ran towards the two and grabbed Arthur by his cape, making him turn on the spot. “Let me go!” Arthur called, seeing their lead shrink. The man threw a punch sending Arthur to the ground into a puddle.
Looking for Peter, the man turned just in time to get hit by a board in the face. Peter grabbed Arthur by the hand helping him up. “Can you run?” he asked.
Arthur nodded and the two continued with only a small lead on their pursuers.

“We need to split up” Arthur said, knowing Peter could outrun them easily without him. “Meet me at the far side of the village on the edge of the woods.” A nod of agreement sent them both in different directions in the village.

Looking over his shoulder he could see half of the crowd stayed behind him and he had to try and loose them. A few quick turns didn’t help and Arthur could feel the fatigue, hoping his chasers are feeling it as well. On his right stood a small barn which he knew had a hidden door in the back. He ran straight inside, disappearing from his chasers view. In his rush he nearly missed the door but a short back step and he was again running outside in the rain, leaving the crowd to search for him in the barn.
After another sharp turn he slipped on a puddle. Getting up slowly he realized he wasn’t sure where he was. Although he knew the village like the back of his hand, the cold, rain and rush of being chased confused him.

After another turn the familiar inn stood in front of him. John and Merry, the inn owners and the ones who treated them like their children for a while, were standing at the door. “What’s happening?” Merry cried when Arthur stopped breathless in front of her.
“Jack…. Was…. murdered” Arthur exclaimed still hyperventilating.
“By who?” John asked.
“They… think… it’s us.”
“Why would you kill him?” Merry asked bewildered.
“We… didn’t of course… Are the girls here?” Arthur asked.
“They went out when they heard the commotion outside” John said.
“Come inside” John said pointing towards the inn. “We’ll keep you safe.”
“I can’t” Arthur said after a short thought, “They’ll expect us to come back here. If you see the girls tell them we’ll be in the woods.”
John nodded, and Merry sobbed softly.

Running between the houses, keeping to the shadows, the already drenched Arthur was exhausted. He managed to make his way to the edge of the village unspotted and had only a short run towards the woods when a strong hand grabbed his shoulder from behind.
“Here’s the little murderer” said a familiar voice.
When Arthur turned, there stood Sam –  the thief they stopped a couple of month earlier.
“We didn’t kill him” Arthur pleaded.
“I know…ha ha ha” Sam laughed out loud.
He grabbed Arthur and punched him straight in the chin dropping him to the ground unconscious.
Sam grabbed Arthur by the arms and started pulling him towards the nearest house. “Stop right there” Cathy called coming from behind a corner. She came out holding a bow and arrow aimed at Sam. The small figure of Gwen appeared on Cathy’s side “Let’s tie him up” she said.

A few moments later, leaving Sam tied inside the house they were carrying Arthur towards the woods, one under each arm. “Over here” they heard a whisper from behind a tree and before they could react a wolf came to greet them.
The old man they helped a while ago was leading them towards his cabin. The girls were struggling to carry Arthur and avoiding stepping on the She wolf which was running around between them.

The cabin was warm and cozy. When they stepped inside they immediately spotted Peter warming himself by the fire, eating a piece of bread.
“Peter…?” the girls called and he jumped to help them carry Arthur inside, placing him near the fire place.
Warming themselves by the fire while Peter explained what happened, they waited for Arthur to regain consciousness.
“Are you okay?” Cathy asked, caressing his brown hair from his forehead.
“I think so” Arthur said, trying to focus his eyes.
Gwen took a piece of cloth and wiped a few drops of blood from his mouth.
“We need to hurry” Arthur said still trying to sit up.
“What’s the rush?” Peter asked.
It was a short explanation, but the plan seemed a bit more problematic. It seemed that the boys had been framed by the vengeful Sam.

“You should take this” the old man handed them a dagger.
“I think we shouldn’t be carrying weapons” Arthur said. “Thank you for your help.”
The four left the cabin in different directions. “Try to bring them fast” Arthur called after the girls who nodded and ran away.
“Will it work?” Peter asked hopefully.
Arthur nodded. “I hope so” he whispered, “I really hope so” he continued more to himself.

The sounds of the crowd searching for them could easily be heard from afar. The rain was dropping in what looked like a fury. Arthur couldn’t spot where their pursuers exactly were but he hoped they could hide in the shadows long enough.
It didn’t take them long to spot Sam’s house. A group of men were standing with their back to the house. They were lurking around as if they were expecting the boys to come. Standing there frustrated, the two were not sure what to do. Suddenly a shout came from a distance. “THEY ARE HERE!!” And before the two could react the group had disappeared into the shadows between the houses. So far the plan was working, Arthur thought.

When the two ascended the few stairs in front of the house they thought every man in the village could hear the sounds the wood boards made under their feet. Slowly opening the door Arthur peeked inside, not sure what was he expecting to see. After a few steps inside, Arthur was about to turn and call Peter when the door shut close behind him and a silhouette was blocking his way. Sam’s son was standing in front of him. “You should have minded your own business” he spat at Arthur.

Peter was banging on the door from the outside but it looked like the door was locked. Realizing he was alone, Arthur faked a right and ran left seeing Sam’s son taking the bait. He was much bigger than Arthur but he looked a bit clumsy and angry, he was bound to make a mistake.
Sam’s son ran towards Arthur who dodged him again in the last moment, running out of room to run to. Arthur looked to a corner seeing a bloody axe. Quickly realizing what this was he knew he had the evidence he needed. Now he hoped he would have some luck.

The door was still shut closed but the window was slightly open. Arthur readied himself and smashed his shoulder into the boy, throwing him backwards, hitting the window with his hand and throwing it open. Now Arthur had to pick his moment to leave.

Peter heard the squeak of the opening window and the sounds of a struggle from inside. He ran towards the closest house for help but it was empty. He cursed his luck and ran a bit further when a thought came to his head which he hoped will not cost them their lives.
“I’m here” he called to a few men not far away and the chase began.
“GET HIM!!” The crowd shouted and now they were coming from two directions. Peter just hoped he will be able to reach Sam’s house before they catch him.
Peter couldn’t see Cathy and Gwen when he glanced over his shoulder.
The crowd was closing on him but he managed to reach the window, seeing Sam’s son holding Arthur by the collar of his blouse.
A man caught Peter from behind and was about to hit him when an arrow flew between them, hitting the house wall just beside the window silencing the crowd.
“Now you’ll die” called Sam’s son from inside the house to Arthur unaware of the crowd outside.
Facing the window, Arthur seized the opportunity. “At least tell me why did you kill Jack?” He Tried.
“He was an old fool, we wanted to frame and then kill you” The boy laughed. “Dad will be so jealous. He wanted to be the one who killed you.”
“But Jack didn’t do a thing” Arthur continued.
“You should have seen him beg” The boy laughed. He was now lifting the axe in his right arm ready to swing.
Another arrow pierced the night and the boy fell, dropping the axe and Arthur to the ground.

“I can’t believe you hit him right in the arse” John said when the four were seated around the fire place in the big inn.
The recount of the story would be told a lot in that night but the four needed a little rest.
Sam was never caught and his boy was taken by a few local guards who headed to the nearest keep to escort him.
“You know we never got the flour?” Peter said.
The crowd around them laughed.

Copyright © 2013 The Silver Wolf


Nominated for The Liebster Award!

Hello everyone
I’ve missed one deadline last week but i swear i have a good excuse 🙂

Almost more than a week ago i was nominated by T.M .E

which has a very interesting blog for the Liebster award and was very flattered.

The Liebster Award is one that recognizes new blogs worth reading (and those with less than 300 followers). Upon acceptance of the award, a blogger must:

  1. List 11 random facts about him/herself.
  2. Answer the questions that were asked of him/her (by the blogger that nominated him/her).
  3. Nominate 11 other blogs for the Liebster Blog Award and link to their blogs.
  4. Notify the bloggers of their award.
  5. Ask the award winners 11 questions to answer once they accept the award.

So let’s start:)

Random facts:

  1. I love dogs, I have one that we occasionally think has a bi-polar personality 🙂
  2. My goal in life is to be a full time writer.
  3. I have a group of friends that we go back most of my life.
  4. I’m 32 years old
  5. I really like watching murder investigations on TV.
  6. Since i was 6 I’ve been a fan of Manchester United, but i follow NBA, MLB & NFL as well.
  7. My favorite food is a nice steak 🙂
  8. I’m trying to publish my first novel now.
  9. I coach juvenile baseball.
  10. I admire J.K Rowling, what she’s done to the book industry is amazing, because of her books millions of children (now adults) are reading books.
  11. As a kid i wanted to be a soccer player.


1. Did you always want to be a writer?
Actually yes, I was writing at a very young age and it always was a goal to publish a book

2. Do you plan to self-publish or go the ‘traditional’ route of agent/ publisher?
I’m still in the search for a publisher/ Agent but I’m not ruling out the idea of self- publishing.

3. Do you sleep on your front, back or side?
I used to sleep only on my back, but now I find myself waking up in a different positions each morning.

4. Have you ever had any brushes with fame/met a famous person?
My recent meeting was with Art Shamsky (69’ Mets) a couple of weeks ago when he came to throw the first pitch at my juvenile team’s game.

5. Who is your fave author?
Well… I have a few but my recent readings were Lee Child, Nelson Demile & James Patterson.

6. What advice would you give anyone just starting out in the weird and wonderful world of being a writer?
Read a lot, and not only books from your genera. It will improve your writing significantly.

7. What is you fave film?
I will have to say Saving private Ryan.

8. Do you like to work in a quiet or noisy environment?
I’m pretty weird in a way, I can work with the TV on and listening to music at the same time.

9. Do you have any writing rituals?
Nop, none that I’m aware of J

10. What is the title of your next book or poem?
Still a work in progress but : Arthur & The Black Army

11. Give me a short ‘elevator-style’ pitch of your latest work.
This is a tough one, I’ll try my Hook.

When he ran away from home in medieval England , young Arthur didn’t expect adventures so soon, but troubles and new friends already awaits in his future journey.

The Black Lord is after the Silver Moon necklace, a powerful artifact that will allow him to take control of England and get rid of the new king. The only one standing in his way is the twelve years old Arthur, destined to greatness, which will one day rule the country and now a runaway kid gathering friends and future knights, taking on wild adventures along the road.

Arthur and his friends have less than a week to stop the mischievous scheme, while avoiding their chasers – The Black Monks Order, who is willing to kill all who stands in their way.


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  2. Aya Walksfar
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  6. C.N. Faust
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  11. 8 Aussie Writers

Finally my questions:

  1. Who is your favorite Author?
  2. How many books do you read in a year?
  3. What is your dream job?
  4. What did you want to be as a kid?
  5. How long have you been blogging?
  6. What is your idea of a vacation?
  7. What is your favorite food?
  8. If you are writing anything except for your blog what is it?
  9. What is your preferred genera?
  10. What is your favorite movie?
  11. Did you have your 15 minutes of fame? J

That’s it I’m done.

I’ll be going back to my usual stories on Sunday.

The Silver Wolf

The Young Knights & the disappearing bandits

“This is the third convoy this week” Peter repeated to Arthur what he heard a few moments earlier.
“I know, but it doesn’t seem right” Arthur exclaimed.
“They all describe the same thing, an attack in broad day and then…” Peter continued excited.
“How can a group of riders disappear into thin air?” Arthur tried to reason with him.

The two were waiting tables in the large main hall of the inn, which was packed to the last chair. The snow storm that stopped a week ago allowed a few convoys to get underway, all passing through their small village on their way to or from London.
At a fair distance from the big city the village was a good resting place for the convoys, the main and only attraction was the biggest building in the village which was the inn, while the word of the great food and warm beds brought the result they were in.

“I heard it to” Cathy said from behind the boys who stopped to talk outside the kitchen swing door. She was helping Merry the inn owner in the kitchen, while John Merry’s husband took the orders and greeted the customers. “Merry is looking for the two of you” She said when they turned.
Running between the tables with a tray full of plates, Gwen was the only one missing. Although her small and slender physic, the twelve years old brunette was the best waitress of the four, always making the customers love her.

“We’ll be right in” Arthur said. “You have to agree this doesn’t seem plausible.”
“I heard it from five different customers this week” Peter said while Cathy nodded her agreement with him.
“Let’s talk about it after dinner, we’ve got only a short while until we finish for the day” Arthur suggested when he saw Gwen heading their way.
Nodding her approval, Cathy turned into the kitchen passing into the steamy room. Their small cabin was just through the door on the other side of the kitchen, located in a small courtyard between the inn and stable.

It took them more than they thought to sit down for their dinner, but finally most of the tables emptied and headed towards their room while the last few were about to finish and follow their lead. The four were finishing a hefty dinner, when Arthur decided to approach the subject again.

“So what do you think?” Arthur asked. Seeing Peter still eating he smirked, knowing the outcome.
“We….Sho…..sssss…..” the excited Peter tried to answer with his mouth full of food, as skinny and tall as he was he never passed on a meal. Cathy finally stopped him.
“We heard it from a few different convoys” Cathy answered instead.
“I even heard that a small garrison is making his way from the fort on the west” Gwen added.
Peter nodded pointing at Gwen with the hand that held a piece of bread, clearly indicating he heard it as well.
“So shouldn’t we let them handle it?” Arthur asked, only to spite Peter.
“Ohhhhh….Ohhhhh…..” Peter exclaimed, his mouth still full.
“I’m only kidding” patting on his back, Arthur calmed him.
“From what I heard they only stole coins and jewelry, leaving all the rest” Gwen shared the customers stories.
“Did anyone say how many they were?” Arthur asked, trying to gather all the information.
“Twenty” Peter said.
“A dozen” Cathy said.
“A few dozens” Gwen said.
Arthur smiled. “Probably closer to half a dozen, after a fight people tend to exaggerate.”
“Especially if they lost” Cathy added.
“We’ll try and locate the place tomorrow” Arthur said, and they all seemed happy with this decision.

After helping John and Merry to prepare the inn’s main hall for a new day, they told the two their decision for the next day.
The two who treated the group as their own children needed a lot of reassuring they will be fine and stay away from danger. Although they all knew that wasn’t entirely true.
John assured them they will manage fine in the inn as two of the convoys are leaving at first light and Arthur promised them they will return as fast as they could.

Retiring to their small cabin, the four quickly fell asleep exhausted from a long day and in anticipation of a new adventure.
This time it was Arthur’s turn to be the first one up. He went over to the girls room and woke them after waking Peter who was up and about a moment later.
“I’ll meet you inside” Arthur said to Peter and left through the door to the inn’s kitchen.

Remembering John said two convoys were leaving at day break he woke up very early and already talked with more than half a dozen travelers from both convoys, asking them to point out the place they were attacked on the map. Although most of them looked at him with a look of contempt, he managed to pinpoint the two attack sites. Now he was looking for travelers from the third convoy.

“If you just can point it on the map” Arthur requested from a convoy guard who finally agreed to help Arthur.
Appearing from the kitchen door the three friends joined Arthur around the map.
“Here” The guard pointed to a small bend in the road.
“Can you tell us what happened?” Cathy asked when she saw he was hurrying away.
“We were attacked from the forest. They took the coins and jewelry and when we tried to chase them they just disappeared.
“Into the air?” Peter asked amazed.
“We didn’t see it, but when we got to a small closed ravine they were gone, but there was nowhere to go” the guard explained and left their table. “Don’t do anything stupid” he said over his shoulder.

“So now you believe?” Peter asked Arthur when they were on their way to grab their swords and bows from the cabin, all of it were presents from Glen and memories from their last summer big adventure.
“I believe, but I don’t think we believe the same thing” Arthur answered as they concealed their weapons under a few layers of cloth, the main storm was over but a soft layer of snow still covered the countryside.
“You’ll see” Peter smiled, and the two headed to the stable. On their way Merry handed them food for a couple days kissing each one on the forehead swearing them they will come back safe.

“Are we joining this convoy?” Gwen asked when they climbed their horses, also a present from the last summer, but these were from the queen.
“No” Arthur shook his head. “We’ll be our own convoy” He giggled.
The three knew by now they should trust his instincts.
The sun made her way through the clear sky, after a short lunch they were approaching the place one of the convoys was attacked.
“Whatever you do, do not attack them. We probably can’t take them head on.”
“Do you want us to get robbed?” Peter exclaimed.
Only nodding his head, Arthur signaled on his mouth for him to stay quiet.

The road bent to north a little and there in the middle of the road sat a man on a horse, whistling to himself a soft tune. He was covered with heavy wool cloak concealing his figure but a sword was resting on his back and a large dagger in his boot.
“Hello there” he said to the four who halted their horses at the sight.
“What do you want?” Cathy snapped.
“Not much” he laughed, “Your money and jewelry, will be enough”
“And if we don’t want to give it to you?” Cathy continued.
“Well….” he whistled again and five men came out of the woods with swords at the ready in their hands.
“Just don’t hurt us” Arthur said, playing the role he intended from the start, grabbing a small pouch from inside his robes, throwing to the man on the horse who caught it in midair.
“Come on, I know there’s more” he said with a smile.
Reluctantly Gwen took out a small pouch which Arthur gave her beforehand. She threw it as well. Although there was not much inside the man seemed satisfied. He turned away and before they could react the man rode into the woods. Looking for the rest they understood that the other bandits have gone when they were concentrated on the rider.

“Now we go after them” Arthur smiled, and the four shot into the forest at a fast gallop.
“There he is” Peter called to the others, he was by far the best rider in the group and one of the best in the area.
The noise of horses galloping in front lead them towards a narrowing ravine. Cathy was the first to reach Peter at the entrance of the ravine.
“Where did they go?” She asked.
“I don’t know. They entered this ravine and disappeared,” he said. “There is no place to go from here” he Pointed to a frozen pond and a frozen waterfall at the far side of the ravine.
“This is the only entrance?” Arthur asked when he and Gwen finally reached them.
“Just like the guard said, they disappeared” Peter said.
“Let’s look around,” Arthur whispered. “Try to do it quietly.”

The ravine seemed completely empty. Arthur suddenly saw Gwen signaling him on far side of the pond below the waterfall. He rode around the pond as the ice seemed too thin to walk on.
“Look at this” She said, pointing to the ground. She already dismounted and Arthur joined her on the ground.
When on the ground he could now see what Gwen saw, horse shoes marks in the snow. Following the marks led them behind the frozen water in the waterfall. ”The perfect hiding place” Arthur whispered.
The path behind the frozen waterfall was big enough for a rider on a horse to pass through with ease.

The two slowly edged their way inside finding an entrance to a cave. Arthur glimpsed, seeing a large long path. He was startled from a noise and took a step back, but after a second he realized it was only a horse. Another glimpse revealed all the horses tied to a large log at the far end of the path.
After taking a few steps onside he saw that Gwen was following him very close behind. He took a few more steps before he heard the voices of cheers and drinking, apparently the bandits started celebrating early in the day.

The two edged closer getting to the horses, the path took a left turn. Arthur hesitated to look but Gwen didn’t. She glimpsed inside quickly, returning to Arthur. The two made their way back quietly.
“There you are” Peter called from the other side of the pond when they reappeared in the ravine.
Arthur waved his hands. “Shhhh…” he hushed him while climbing back on his horse. A sudden crack made him turn towards Peter. “Go back” he called to Peter as quietly as he could. He understood the ice will brake under the horse weight.
Peter stopped his horse and started backing out slowly, to their relief managing to make it safely out of the pond, waiting there for the rest of his friends

While making their way back to the road while discussing what they saw, they had spotted a small convoy of about six wagons and five guards making their way towards them.
Arthur signaled them and the convoy stopped a short distance from them. After a short discussion two guards came forward. “What do you want?” the one who seemed in charge asked.
“We need your help” Arthur explained. “We’ve found the hide out of the disappearing bandits.
“Lad, we don’t have the time or enough men for that” the guard said. “Now move out of the way.”
“We can stop them together” Cathy said.
The guard looked the thirteen years old blond up and down and smirked, “With your help?” he and his friend laughed. The guard raised his hand and the convoy continued its movement. “Let the soldiers take care of it”

“What did we expect from some poor guards?” Cathy snorted.
“Should we wait for the soldiers?” Gwen asked?
“We can try it by ourselves” Arthur said.
“I like that” Peter smiled “Do you have a plan?” he continued.
“A little risky one, but yes” he said.

It didn’t take them long to return to the ravine and settle into their positions. From the far end of the pond they could see Peter edging his way behind the frozen waterfall.
Peter was walking slowly through the path, volunteering, as he was the best rider. He got to the horses still unnoticed and was cutting through the rope with his dagger.
A moment later he was on one of the horses holding the rest of the ropes in his left hand.
“He’s stealing our horses!” came a shout followed by a big commotion.
Peter’s horse started galloping towards the exit. Looking over his shoulder he could see six men running after him with a fury. He was almost at the entrance when a sharp pain went through his left hand making him instantly release the ropes in his hand.
Peter looked back and saw one of the bandits getting ready to throw a dagger. He crouched on the horse and galloped through the path, the horses following him outside running on the edge of the pond.
Looking back Peter managed to see the bandit throwing his dagger, missing him but scraping his horse on the back making him stand on two legs, dropping him to the ice and running towards his friends.

Peter was almost fifty feet away from them and ten feet from the entrance. The bandits spotted him and were starting towards him.
The three released their arrows at the same time aiming bellow their feet. This allowed Peter enough time to get up and run leaving a trail of blood on the ground. The bandits started after him again.
“Aim for the edges” Arthur called.
Each arrow flew in making the bandits group together. “Come on” Arthur mumbled.
The first bandit caught Peter’s cloak when the ice broke under him and the whole group fell into the ice cold water. Peter was still on the edge of the ice but it was starting to crack under him. He made a few steps forward and the ice broke under him.
The three sprinted towards him seeing he was drowning, managing to catch his hand before Peter went down.
It took them some effort to help him out of the ice. He was shivering and bleeding but the group managed to get him away from the ice, meanwhile hearing the anger cries of the bandits.
They all gave him their cloaks, rapping him up like a baby, heading to their horses and back to the road.

Peter was warming himself by the fire place now inside the inn. Merry was running around him from the moment they got back, bandaging his arm and keeping him warm.
The four ran into a group of soldiers who retrieved the bandits a short while after.
“To the hero who caught the disappearing bandits” Arthur called, raising his tea cup.
“They weren’t really disappearing” Cathy whispered.
“To our Hero” Arthur repeated.
“To our Hero!” They all cheered.

Copyright © 2013 The Silver Wolf

The Young Knights and the Lost Boy

“Can you believe this weather?” Peter said between bites.
After a hard day working at the inn and taking care of their precious horses, the four were sitting for a late dinner at their usual table in the inn’s main hall. The table was the closest to the lit fireplace. John and Merry, the inn owners, were sitting with a couple of their friends at a nearby table as well just finishing their dinner as well. Another table on the far corner was occupied by a few locals, who were already half way to achieve their goal of getting drunk.

The inn was almost empty in the last week or so, travelers tried to avoid the hard weather they were having. Although their village was on the main road towards London, it was still a small village with a small local population.
Still deciding what he could answer to Peter’s question the tenth time today, Arthur was happy to see the inn’s large oak door open. A young woman burst through the door.

“Neil, Neil” She called towards the table in the far corner.
A man stood up to the strong laugh of his friends, assuming he will be yelled at for getting drunk. He was slowly wobbling his way towards the woman.
“Neil, he took him!” the woman shouted but this time tears were starting to choke her throat “He… took…him” she barely finished the sentence.
Now she got Neil’s attention, trying to reach her quickly he stumbled twice into chairs standing in his way. “Who did?” Neil called when he reached her.
“The wolf… the weird man’s wolf from the forest. He took our son” she said in tears.
This sentence got the attention of everyone. John left his table and hurried over quickly followed by his wife and their friends. Peter wanted to join them but Arthur stopped him. They could easily hear everything from their table.

“When? How? Where?” Neil seemed confused.
Hurrying over to the kitchen Merry disappeared behind the swinging door only to return with a kettle and a cup.
Merry poured a cup of tea to the shivering woman. John pulled a chair over and guided her into it.
“Calm down” John said when he saw the woman was too scared to talk. “Calm down and then tell us what happened.”
The woman took a sip from the hot tea and after another moment of long breath she was finally able to speak again.

“He went to bring some wood from the pile outside. When he lingered to come back I went after him.” The woman was taking to her husband Neil, but everyone there was listening carefully. She took another sip before continuing. “He was nowhere to be seen, and all I can see inside the small shed was his footprints and a foot print of a wolf.”
“It can’t be,” Neil wailed “We got to get out there now” he called and started to get up from his kneeling position beside his wife.
“We’ll kill that maniac and his beast” shouted one of his friends, leading the whole enraged group outside, leaving behind Merry, John the woman and the four friends still sitting at their table.

“Let’s go” Arthur stood up and headed towards the woman instead of the door.
“Aren’t we joining the search?” Cathy asked.
“We are, but I think we need some more information” Arthur explained.
“But I’m not done” Peter moaned when they all got up to follow Arthur. He grabbed a piece of bread from the table, munching from it on his way.

“Excuse me mam” Arthur tried to get the woman’s attention with not much success, she was crying and mumbling alternately.
“Mam!” snapping at her Cathy finally got her attention.
“What?” The woman snapped back, when she saw who interrupted her thoughts.
“I have a couple of questions, if you don’t mind.”
“Who are you?” she frowned at the four crowding around her.
“These are Cathy, Gwen, Peter and Arthur” John came to their aid.
“What do you want?” she snapped again.
“Maybe they can help” Merry offered.
“My husband will take care of that psycho” she said and turned away from the group.

Realizing she will not co-operate with them, the four start towards the door.
“Where are you going?” Merry asked
“To find that boy, before any bloodshed.”
“Thank you” Merry whispered.
“I know where this man lives” Peter said.
“We’ll need to make a quick stop first” Arthur said and the four headed outside to the cold.

When the four stepped into the snow, the penetrating cold hit them. Wearing their warm cloaks helped a bit. “Peter, do you know where is their house?” Arthur asked when they were outside.
Peter nodded, leading them towards the village outskirts on the border of the forest.
“What do you think?” Cathy asked when they were outside.
“I’m not sure but something seemed odd,” Arthur pondered “I could be wrong, but she didn’t seem stressed enough.”
“But she was crying” Gwen mentioned.
“I would have expected her to be crying and shouting all the way to the inn” Arthur continued.

It didn’t take much longer to reach the couple’s house. At a short distance they heard the group of drunks still trying to make their way towards one of the houses, probably to arm themselves –  Arthur thought to himself, realizing they were completely unarmed leaving the swords their friend Glen the traveling blacksmith gave them at their cabin. If it would come to that they will need to improvise.

The house was almost completely dark and at this late evening hour it was hard to see anything at all. “Where is the shed?” Arthur asked.
“I can see it’s silhouette over there” Cathy motioned farther towards the forest border line.
“We won’t be able to see much at this hour” Peter offered.
“I’ll go inside the house and look for a torch or a candle to light” Gwen volunteered quickly heading towards the house door.
Although she knew no one is supposed to be inside the house, Gwen knocked on the door as a force of a habit, pushing the door immediately after without waiting for an answer. Arthur led the way towards the shed waiting for Gwen to shed some light on things.

“Do you see anything?” Cathy asked, trying also to concentrate on the ground.
“Nothing yet, Look for blood. I assume if a wolf took the boy there should be some blood” Arthur said.
Cathy and Peter were startled at the thought. They didn’t think a thing like this could happen. Only Arthur with his quick wit thought of these option and the two were already used to it, also counting on his ability.

“Arthur,” Gwen called from behind them “You should see this” She said, getting their attention.
Three turned on their spot to see Gwen holding a lit candle in her right hand. The candle gave enough light for them to see the surprise in her left hand: a small boy was standing next to her, holding her left hand. “Meet Dave” Gwen said with a smile.

Standing at the front door they were talking to the Dave trying to understand what was happening. “Dave, do you have any brothers and sisters?” Arthur asked patiently.
Dave shook his head.
“Are you sure?” Arthur insisted, trying to make sure the boy understood him.
The boy nodded he was sure.
“Did the man with the wolf take you?” Cathy tried.
Dave shook his head again, “We were playing” he said.
“Who was playing?” Cathy asked.
“Me and the wolf, she is very nice” Dave explained, “Whenever I see her and Lance at the edge of the forest I go to play with her.”
“Lance?” Peter asked.
Dave nodded. “He lives in the cabin, he is very nice too, always gives me berries when he sees me.”
“Did your mother know you are playing with him?” Cathy asked.
“Her” Dave corrected her. “She did” Dave answered, “She left to the inn after I came back” he said to their surprise.

They all looked quizzically at each other.
“Mommy and Daddy don’t like Lance so much” Dave offered.
“Did they say anything?” Arthur asked.
“I heard daddy say he is a thief and someone needs to run him out of the village.”
“Thank you Dave” Arthur said hurrying away.

“We need to get there fast” Arthur said, seeing the drunk group now carrying torches and pitchforks heading towards the forest.
“I know a shortcut” Peter said and started running, leading the rest into the snow covered forest.

They were out of breath when they reached a small cabin deep inside the forest. A soft fire light was seen from the almost shut window. Around the cabin there were a few well cared flower beds and some well-trimmed bushes leading to the cabin.
“Sir, Sir” Peter called towards the cabin.
A moan came from inside and a bark quickly sounded behind the closed door.
The door cracked open, an old man’s face appeared. Although he looked as he just woke up, a soft smile appeared on his face. “How can I help…” The man started at the sight of the four but something squeezed through the door below him. A wolf sprinted outside circling around them with joy.
The wolf didn’t seem dangerous even for a second. It came closer to Gwen who raised her hand patting it slowly to the obvious enjoyment of the wolf. “Some protector you are…” the man laughed and opened the door stepping outside.

A small old man was standing in front of them, his long white beard and bald head reminded Arthur of another old friend from the previous summer, a sorcerer named Merlin. Arthur knew they had to help the man. Hearing the loud group coming slowly towards them, he knew they didn’t have much time either.

“Sir, we are sorry to disturb you, But this is a life or death situation I think” Arthur started.
“What is the problem lad?” still calm, the man called the wolf to him.
“We believe a few men are on the way to harm you or even kill you.” Arthur tried to make him realize the seriousness of the situation.
“Harm me? Why?” The man wondered.
“Do you know Neil, Dave’s father?” Cathy tried to help.
“Oh yes, Dave is a nice boy” He offered.
“Sir, do you have any weapon here?” Arthur hurried.
“Just a kitchen knife and a bow with some arrows for hunting” the man said after a short thought.

“We’ll have to hope they are less drunk than they seem” Arthur said.
“Peter ,don’t hit them just shoot below their legs, try to scare them” Arthur explained while they all hurried towards their positions. “We’ll use that” Arthur said to Cathy, pointing to an ax handle lying on the ground and a pile of chopped wood.
“Gwen, you two should wait behind the corner, use the knife as a last resort” Arthur finished.

The first to see the crowd which grew from the mere four to eight holding torches and pitchforks was Peter, a high whistle gave Arthur the time to position himself in plain sight.
“Please stop” Arthur said calmly, although his hurt was racing.
“This is none of your business” Neil shouted, he was standing behind a large man Arthur recognized only by face. He was the leader of this crowd.
“This man didn’t do anything to harm you. Please leave before anyone does something he’ll regret” Arthur continued.
“He took my boy” Neil shouted again, safe behind his friends who took a few steps closer.
“Your son was never here, he is in your house safe and sound, please leave” Arthur raised his hand and left it over his head.
“It doesn’t matter Lad, it is time for this old man to go. He is different than us. He has no place here.” Neil took a few steps forward and Arthur dropped his hand.

An arrow struck the ground a foot from Neil’s leg.
“This is not your fight” Neil shouted at Arthur who raised his hand again.
“Yes it is” Arthur said and dropped his hand again when he saw the crowd coming towards them.
Peter’s arrow almost hit Neil this time making Arthur look back towards him, when he turned back his look the big man was charging at him with his pitchfork over his head. Only managing to deflect the blow with the ax handle Arthur lost his foothold falling backwards to the ground.

The man was about to raise his pitchfork again when a snowball hit his chest. When he raised his gaze, Gwen was standing there with another one in her hand. He ran towards her.
“I’ll burn this cabin” Neil shouted and ran with a torch in his hand.
The big man stumbled to the ground before reaching Gwen. Cathy who used her leg to trip him came out behind a tree holding a piece of wood. “Stay down” She said when he tried to turn.
Arthur saw Neil running, quickly grabbing the ax handle, he swept his legs with a sharp blow. Neil fell screaming like a small boy, his torch flew out from his hand, landing on the cabin’s roof which caught fire very fast.
Seeing their leader and Neil submitting, the rest of the group turned away quickly and headed to their homes.

“She is so cute” Gwen said playing with the she wolf.
Peter and Arthur were sitting on the roof of the cabin, hammering a few beams to replace the burned ones.
The old man didn’t hold grudges towards Neil and his friends and the four friends were happy to help him to repair his cabin.
The old man came out of the cabin with hot tea, “I’m just happy everyone is okay” He said.
“It could have ended much worse” Cathy said.
“I bet Neil will be hiding in his house for the next couple of weeks” Peter said and they all laughed.

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The Young Knights and the Thief

The late evening colors were slowly disappearing while Peter, Cathy and Arthur were waiting for Gwen to join them after a fierce riding competition. Their precious horses, given as a gift by the queen in the previous summer, were their whole world. They took them out for long rides whenever they could, whilst giving them the best treatment that even the queen’s knight’s horses wouldn’t have gotten.

Gwen was always against their races, usually dropping her pace to a light trot whenever she saw one of them taking the lead.
Peter was giving them riding lessons. Working as a stable boy was the way he earned his bread before Arthur got to the village and the four have grouped. With a lot of practice he was one of the best riders in the area. With enough practice even the petite twelve years old Gwen learned how to control her beautiful brown mare.

Used to her tricks, the three guided their horses in a slow pace until Gwen joined them. They were enjoying a warm day in the field around the village in the midst of the cold winter.
Reaching the stable a short while after darkness settled, they brushed their horses, gave them hefty dinner and lead them into their regular stalls.

“I’ll kill him!” John was shouting from inside. They exchanged confused looks and ran inside.
John – the inn keeper was standing with his wife Merry. “If I catch him I’ll…”He was enraged, a sight the four didn’t see on this big and kind man. He grabbed a stool and sent it crashing into the closest wall.
“Calm down John.” trying to overcome her shock, Merry tried to calm her husband.
“What’s going on?” Cathy asked when the four reached the couple, who treated the four as their own children.
“I’ll tell you what…” John started but was interrupted by his wife.
”Let me tell them” she said, trying to calm things down a bit for the few remaining customers.
“We think we have a thief…” Merry started.
“We think…. I’m sure we do!” John intervened.
“I’ll explain, dear” She assured him. “We believe there is a thief. There were three complaints in the last three days.”
“What did he take?” Peter asked.
“Mostly coins, some warm cloth and some food. Not much, but….” Merry explained.
“But it is our reputation at stake.  Word gets around fast… do you know what would happen if this gets out?” John interrupted.
“Did you hear about any other incidents outside the inn?” Arthur wondered.
“Actually I don’t believe I did.” John answered after a moment of thought.
“Do you suspect someone?” Arthur continued.
“There are a couple of new customers in the inn. They came here a day before the first incident.” John explained. “What will we do?”
“We’ll look into it.” Arthur promised, seeing the relief on John’s face immediately.
“Thank you.” Merry whispered, confident the four will be able to handle it.

During dinner the four tried to come up with the best plan. They had two immediate suspects but they couldn’t accuse them without proof. John pointed out one of their suspects when he descended the stairs from the upper floor to the large main hall where the tables stood, A bald man with a large belly and a short black beard. John described the second man who seemed like he could be a problem. A large man built like an ox, whom according to John, never seen talking to anyone inside the inn.

“We’ll start first thing in the morning.” Arthur started laying out his plan. “Two will help John in the main hall while the other two will busy themselves upstairs.”
“What are we looking for?” Peter asked. “We can’t go searching from room to room.”
“Look for anything suspicious.” Arthur said “We don’t need to search it, but we can say we are cleaning it.” Arthur smiled.
“I hope you’ll do a better job than on your room.” Cathy laughed at the boys, getting a frown as a response from Peter and a hard laugh from Gwen.

“Wake up!” Trying to wake him up, Arthur was shaking Peter’s shoulder for a while.
“It’s too early” Peter moaned finally.
”That’s the point. We have to be there as early as we can.” Arthur explained patiently, “besides we want to eat breakfast…” deliberately using the magic words, knowing Peter loved to eat.
Without needing for Arthur finish the sentence, he sat upright. “Right, I am hungry. Let’s go.” he said as he stood up, pulling on his tunic.
Arthur raised his shoulders and followed him into the kitchen’s inn, which was joined with a door to their and the girl’s two rooms cabin.

Although the sun hasn’t come up yet, Merry was already working in the kitchen getting a head start on the breakfast cooking, stopping for a moment only to greet the boys as they passed. “The girls are already inside,” She said. “I prepared your breakfast,” pointing to two plates.
“Thank you Merry.” Arthur said and kissed her on the cheek. “Th..ank … Y..ou..” Peter added as they grabbed their plates on the way out, already a piece of bread in his mouth.
“Thank you boys” Merry said in return and turned back to work.

Chatting cheerfully, the girls seemed to be in a good mood when the boys joined them at the only table which was occupied. It was too early for the regular customers.
“I thought you two will start at the main hall and we’ll start upstairs.” Arthur said to the girls, although seeing Peter’s displeasure with the prospect of cleaning rooms.
“That’s fine.” Cathy agreed quickly.
“Just keep your eyes and ears open for anything, including the two John suggested.” Arthur briefed them, as they were expecting him to do.

A loud sound of talking was heard and the big oak door opened, bringing in the pre-morning chill into the room, even though the big stone fireplace was lit on the other side of the room.
A scrawny middle aged man with red hair came inside with a younger version of him following two steps behind him. “HEY JOHN!” the man called to John who was descending the stairs when he heard the door open. “WHAT ABOUT OUR REAKFAST?” He called in an obnoxious voice.
“I don’t like him.” Cathy whispered when she saw the two headed towards them.
“Good morning, I’ll bring it over” John was heading towards the kitchen. “Sit where ever you like.”
“THIS IS ARTHUR” the man half shouted half laughed.
“Doesn’t seem that much to me.” his son answered.
The man pulled a chair and sat between Peter and Cathy to her obvious dismay. His son followed his lead and squeezed between Peter and Gwen. “So what are we eating?” The man asked sarcastically taking a piece of bread from Cathy’s plate. She was about to raise her hand but Arthur grabbed it and the kitchen door opened and John came carrying two plates.

“I see you met the group,” laying down the plates in front of the two. “Lads, these are Sam and his son. Sam is a carpenter. They are doing some work for us.”
Sam nodded while swallowing the content of his plate, while his son not far behind.
“Just try not to get in my way.” Sam finally said when John left them. “Isn’t it a shame?” he asked.
“What is?” Peter wondered.
“What’s happening in the inn, people are already talking about the theft.” A hint of a smile showed on Sam’s face as he talked. “This wouldn’t have happened if I was running this place.”
“You? What do you know of running the inn?” Cathy spat.
“Watch your tongue, pretty girl. If john would have sold this place to me I would have cleaned this place up.” Sam answered, giving Cathy a nasty look.
“I think we should go” realizing this will only get worse, Arthur took the lead grabbing his plate with half of the food still on it and heading back towards the kitchen.
Reluctantly Peter followed him while the girls happily joined their lead.
“Who is he?” Arthur asked John in the kitchen.
“A friend, he helps when we need some work done. Besides he is the only one in the area.”
“He is obnoxious.” Cathy joined in.
“We should get started.” Arthur decided and headed towards the door, quickly followed by Peter.

Sam and his son were still at the table finishing off their meal, they almost didn’t notice the two coming in and heading up the stairs. On the top floor there was a main corridor with small rooms on each side. Peter counted almost ten rooms on each side and moaned. A small water basin was lying on top of a large table half way in the corridor.

“We’ll start with the empty one on the left working our way through while the customers wake up and leave their rooms,” Arthur explained. “Keep a sharp eye mainly for the two John described.”
Peter nodded his understanding and the two went into the empty room.

A large man wearing brown robes came out of one of the rooms. He fitted the description John gave them and the two jumped on the opportunity to search his room. A moment later the boys were inside trying to find anything but the plain room was almost empty. A small bed stood in the middle, a small night stand and a small chair. The boys were surprised to find only a small parchment and a small pouch which contained only a couple of silver coins and a wooden cross necklace which they returned to where they found it under the pillow.
“WHAT ARE YOU DOING?” The shout came from the entrance of the room.
“We came to tidy your room, sir.” Although his heart running a mile a minute Arthur managed to gain his wits. “We are sorry for the inconvenience.”
“Oh that’s fine, I’m sorry my boys.” The big man was standing at the door and seemed very calm and friendly as oppose to his initial shout.
“We will leave now, with your permission” Arthur said when he and Peter finished tidying the room a moment later.
“Thank you boys” The man said patting them on the backs as they left.

“That was close,” Peter whispered when they were out of earshot. “How come we didn’t hear him coming?”
“It’s those constant banging from outside,” Arthur answered. “Sam is working on the second floor, I saw him with a ladder from one of the windows.”
A door opened and their second suspect came running out, bumping into Arthur and Peter running down the corridor, disappearing down the stairs.

Quickly taking the opportunity, the boys ran through the door. Being a lot more careful this time they kept a watch on the door, only to find that the room was emptier than the previous one. Nothing was inside except for the bed, chair and night stand. They moved on to the next room, keeping an eye for the people around.

“I’m exhausted” Peter collapsed into a chair beside his friends.
The sun was already setting and they were working hard all day without a result for their real task.
“Did you see anything?” Arthur asked.
Gwen shook her head and Cathy only sighed as a reply. Working hard all day waiting tables, the two were also exhausted.

“JOHN, WHAT IS HAPPENING?” The big man came running down the stairs.
“How can I help you?” asked john, meeting him at the bottom of the stairs.
“MY possessions are gone, my only possessions stolen,” he spat. “What kind of establishment are you running here?”
“Sir I’m sorry. Please let me know what happened?” said john, calmly leading the man to a table at the far corner, throwing Arthur a helpless look.

“I guess he isn’t our guy” Peter sighed.
“Do you have anything?” John came over quickly. “What about the second guy?” He tried.
“Sorry, no. He left in a hurry, he couldn’t have stolen it” Arthur said.
“This is only getting worse.” John sighed.
“John, you should cut your losses. People are talking.” Sam came in from behind.
“Not now, Sam” John left and headed towards the big man again.

“So we are clueless?” Gwen asked after Sam left the inn leaving a strong body odor smell.
“Actually, I think I know who the thief is.” Arthur smiled.
Arthur slowly explained his thoughts and they decided to act first thing in the morning.
The four fell asleep quickly, tired from their hard day’s work.

The morning came very quickly, finding them at an early breakfast again waiting for their cue this time. Sam and his son walked in like the day before heading for the groups table.
“Well John, I see you are still open for business” Sam shouted, seeing John already with their plates.
“Yes Sam, we are.” putting their plates in front of them, John calmly answered.
Arthur nodded and Gwen and Peter left the table.
“Are you working on the west side today?” John asked Sam casually.
“Yes, we will finish in a day or two” Sam answered between bites this time.
“We should be going” Cathy said to Arthur and the two hurried out of the inn.

Arthur and Cathy walked around the west side of the inn, keeping an eye from a distance.
“It’s all here,” Peter called from behind them. He was carrying a small sack, opening it he revealed everything John had described to be stolen. Arthur even spotted the small pouch at the bottom of the sack.
“So how are we going to do it?” Peter asked.
“We’ll go inside” Arthur said, “While you two keep an eye on his son.”
The four hurried away, this time they were carrying their short swords except for Gwen who carried a dagger, all of which were presents from their good friend Glen the traveling blacksmith.

Arthur and Cathy ran inside, seeing Sam’s ladder beside one of the windows while the hammer stopped its steady banging. One of the doors was closed. Kicking it open, Arthur and Cathy charged inside only to find the room empty. Cathy quickly looked outside the window, seeing the ladder a couple of rooms farther.
“Hurry!” she called to Arthur. The two stormed out of the room, quickly finding the right door.
Arthur kicked it open again to reveal Sam holding a cape a bag and a small pouch in his hand. “Put it back” Arthur called.
“Or what?” Sam asked, leaning towards the window looking for his son. “Are you ready?” He called down only to see his son lead by Gwen with his hands tied behind his back and a dagger pointed at his back.
“I didn’t want anyone to get hurt,” Sam shouted at Arthur. “You had to stick your nose in other people’s business?”
“Except for John and the people you stole from, of course.” Arthur snapped.
“If the fool would have sold me the inn, I wouldn’t have needed to do it,” Sam’s look ran across the room. “Why should he be the only one to enjoy the profit?”

Sam threw the bag towards Arthur, hitting him hard in the chest, throwing him against the stone wall. At the same time he darted towards the door, completely ignoring Cathy standing there.
“Stop!” She called.
Sam didn’t stop. He threw the cape over her, blocking her sword’s swing, struggling with Cathy while trying to squeeze his way out of the room. Sam punched Cathy in the shoulder, letting out a cry of pain, dropping her sword to the ground. Sam crouched to grab the sword when he collapsed face down into the floor.
Arthur was standing above him after using his hilt to stun Sam. “Thank you,” Cathy whispered.

“This is one heck of a meal” Peter praised Merry and John.
“You deserve it” Merry said when they all sat down to eat at the end of the day after returning the stolen goods to their rightful owners.
John was so devastated for his misplaced trust and proud of the four at the same time that he couldn’t stop telling the heroism story as he described it for a long while.
“Shouldn’t someone punish him?” Cathy asked.
“I think that being banished with his family is punishment enough,” Arthur smiled “I reckon we won’t be hearing from him anytime soon.”

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The Young Knights & the Pegasus

“I’m bored”, exclaimed Peter, dropping to his bunk beside Arthur. “Let’s go for a ride” he added when he saw Arthur remained silent.
“It’s pouring” Arthur motioned to the window, which was barely holding back the rain for the last few days.
Standing up back again, Peter decided to head for the inn which had a conjoining door to their small cabin, where they lived with Gwen and Cathy in the adjacent room.

After the door shut, Arthur returned to reading a small parchment he received from his old friend glen the traveling blacksmith.
He was about to write a replay when Peter burst back through the door.
“A Pegasus” Peter shouted, the excitement clear in his voice.
“Hughhh….” Confused, Arthur wasn’t sure what to say.
“Bandits on Pegasus” Peter explained, grabbing Arthur by the hand, pulling him through the door into the inn’s kitchen where Merry was working on supper for the costumers who stayed in the inn for the last few days, not able to leave.

Gwen, a twelve years old skinny brunette girl, was running around between the tables taking orders, while Cathy, the taller thirty year old blond, was serving the plates from the kitchen with a lot of skill. They both noticed Arthur and waved when he entered.
“What’s going on?” he finally asked Peter.
“You have to hear him” Peter was pointing to a drenched man near the hot fire place.
The inn was half full.

John, the inn owner, was walking around the big inn helping the girls and chatting with the costumers. The place was roomy with a large fire place in the far wall and the big stairwell to the second floor which contained the slipping rooms.
The room was buzzing with conversations which Arthur could pick up while passing by,
mainly complaints about the weather and some new taxation set by the new king who Arthur and his friends helped keep his throne.

“Sir” Peter tapped the man on his shoulder when they reached him.
“This is the one you called? A boy?” the man shook his head, “you’ll need an army of knights.”
“Please just tell him your story” rolling his eyes, Peter turned to the closest chair.
Taking a seat as well, the man explained he was part of a small convoy from London which was attacked while making camp in the middle of the night by warriors riding on Pegasus.
He wasn’t sure if anyone else survived. He ran for his life, arriving in the village after almost a day of wandering pointlessly in the woods.

“We have to find them” Peter almost didn’t allow the man to finish.
“Do you know where did you camp when you were attacked?” Arthur asked, humoring Peter.
“Less than a half a day’s ride”.
“What do you think?” coming from behind, Cathy joined the conversation.
“I heard a few others talk about it as well” Gwen added, joining them as well.
“There is no Pegasus, it’s a mythical creature” Arthur was still trying to reason.
“You said the same thing about the Silver Moon last summer” Cathy pointed out their previous adventure.
“Besides you said we will be there if someone needed us.”
“I’m bored” Peter reminded him.
“Fine, we’ll join a convoy going east when the rain stops” said Arthur, thinking it will give them a couple of days to forget it.
Seeming satisfied, the girls returned to the costumers while the boys waited at the table for them to join for supper. In the meantime Arthur brought a folded map, using the still drenched man to locate the place where they maid camp.
Supper past quickly while talking about their planned adventure. Even Arthur joined the excitement around the table.

A clear sky greeted Peter when he woke up with first light, still excited from the day before.
It took him only a few moments to ready himself and wake up his friends, who in turn readied themselves for the travel.
The fire in the kitchen’s stoves was already lit while Merry and John were drinking a cup of tea before another hard day’s work.
“Morning kids, you’re up early” Merry greeted them.
“Morning, do you know about someone going east?” Peter jumped, not able to control his excitement.
“East? Are you leaving?” a fear crept into Merry’s voice who had already considered the four as her own.
“We heard talks about bandits riding Pegasus attacking travelers, and we’d like to see it with our own eyes” Arthur calmly explained.
“John, I don’t want them to go, they’ll get hurt” Tears were forming in her eyes.
Quickly putting his arm around her to sooth her “I trust they’ll be fine, they can take care of themselves” John assured her, “You remember Glen’s stories”
“Do you want some food for the road?” Understanding there is nothing she can do, she changed the subject. Without waiting for an answer she gathered a few loaves of bread and cheese which they divided into two backpacks that Arthur and Cathy were carrying.

“So have you heard about someone heading east?” Cathy tried John again when they left Merry in the kitchen, heading into the main hall.
“Actually almost everyone is leaving today but I think you are looking for the one in the corner” he said, pointing to the far corner.
The girls lead the way with Peter on their heels.  “You are coming back, right?” John held Arthur back.
“We’ll be back in a couple of days” Arthur assured him. John patted him on the back and headed for the tables.

“Why are you so eager to get to London on your own?” The man in the corner table asked when Arthur reached them.
“We are visiting a friend” Arthur lied.
He was about forty years old with a brown bushy beard and a big belly he didn’t seem to care. He raised his shoulders and pointed outside. “We’re leaving after I finish here, do you have horses? We don’t have anything to spare”
“We do, sir” Peter said, meaning the ones they got as a present from the queen herself.
“Than by all means join us” he said, returning to his breakfast.

It took them only a short while to gather their gear, hiding their weapons in blankets, and to head for the stables where their horses were taken care of by Peter, who never allowed the stable boy that replaced him to touch them. Two brown mares for the girls, a black stead with a white spot on his forehead for Arthur and a white stead with brown spots for Peter.

The convoy consisted of a few dozen merchants, half a dozen guards and the commander who they already met inside.
Sitting on his horse already at 5 feet 10’, skinny with a blond curly hair, Peter looked a lot like one of the guards, While brown haired Arthur still looked his age.

Although they were ready to go, part of the merchant’s wagons were not fully loaded. The sun was at the middle of the sky when they finally left the village.
Arthur thought it would be best if they trailed behind the convoy, waiting for their chance to leave and break off on their own when they reached their destination.
The convoy moved slowly, making him realize they will be reaching their destination at about sunset, which was exactly what happened.

The convoy camped in an open clearing on the side of the road. The four decided they will pass the night with the convoy and slip away before dusk. Unpacking their covered weapons from their saddles, they prepared for a night sleep at a small distance from the convoy, tying their horses to a nearby tree.

A man was making his way towards them, followed by another two a few steps behind him. The commander was holding sword in his hand. “We’ve come to collect your travel fare” He said, reaching them.
“You never said anything about a fare” Cathy snapped.
From the corner of his eye Arthur could see Peter reaching for his hidden sword. “We’ll pay” he said, quickly reaching for a small pouch on his belt throwing it to the commander who caught it in midair.
“Smart move, lad” the commander said turning away. The other guards turned and from behind the trees appeared the other four guards joining their friends back to the camp.

“Arthur, wake up” Gwen whispered.
Sitting up into an upright position Arthur was trying to adjust his eyes to the darkness. “Something’s wrong” Gwen whispered.
A loud whip like sound filled the air while a figure passed overhead, looking left and right  Arthur could see Peter and Cathy waking up from the noise.
“It’s the Pegasus” a cry sounded from the camp followed by a loud commission.

“We’ve found them” Peter’s laugh was followed by a harsh look from Cathy. “What do we …” He stopped to look up when another winged horse passed overhead with a loud noise, followed by three more figures.
Fighting sounds were heard from the camp. “Peter, take Cathy and try to escort as many merchants as you can” Arthur said, unsheathing his sword from his package, also revealing a short bow, throwing it on his back as well. Quickly following his lead, the rest took out their weapons as well while only Gwen had a dagger instead of a sword.

Peter and Cathy took off in a half circle while Gwen followed Arthur straight into the camp. A few wagons were set ablaze. Three guards and half a dozen merchants were lying on the ground. They could see the riders were attacking the remaining guards. At a distance the commander was running away on his horse at full gallop.

“Wait here” he whispered to Gwen, leaving her behind a tree.
Seeing a terrified woman in the bushes, Gwen signaled for her to run away when she heard Arthur yell at one of the riders. The gallop got louder, a curse followed by a thump and metal meeting metal noises. When Gwen dared to look, Arthur loosed his foothold and was about to get punched.

Aching on the ground, his sword a foot away, Arthur saw the bandit raising his sword. The blow never came. Looking up, Arthur could see Gwen standing over him while the bandit was lying face down on the ground.

“Thank you” He mouthed, when Gwen helped him up. She gave him a hug “What now?” She whispered, looking around franticly. “The rest will be here soon.”
“I only need a moment.” looking around, Arthur spotted his target.

The Pegasus was grazing grass not far away. “I’ve never seen a Pegasus” Gwen whispered, patting him.
“You still haven’t” Arthur said. He raises his sword and with a swift blow took off one of the wings to Gwen’s loud cry.
Not even stopping to graze the grass the Pegasus seemed unhurt.
“It’s only wood covered with silk” Arthur showed Gwen, interrupted by a load shout.

The two ran as fast as they could, cutting between the trees until they couldn’t hear the hooves behind them anymore.
“What are they?” Gwen asked when they stopped.
“Regular horses with wooden wings attached to their saddles, put there for the freighting impression, I guess.”
“So how did they fly?” appearing from behind a tree Peter startled the two, followed by Cathy.
“This is what we need to find out” Arthur pondered out loud. “What about the merchants?” he asked.
“We managed to send a dozen on the road back to the village, they were running as fast as they could.” Cathy updated them.
“What about our horses?” Gwen wondered in fear.
“I’ve cut them loss when it all began” Peter assured her. “They’ll be fine.”

“”We’ll need to find a high point” Arthur said. His friends knew he had an idea. “They are coming from above, they must have a way coming down.”
“I saw a hill looking over the clearing” Cathy said, pointing in its direction.

First light was already showing above the tree tops when the four made their way quickly up the hill. Not before long they spotted a cave entrance at the top of the hill, making it their new destination, reaching it when the sun came up.
With a clear view into the clearing, they now understood what was going on. A saddle was hooked with ropes to four ropes above them. One end was tied to a huge tree beside the cave entrance while the other was well below them in the clearing.

A quick look inside the cave gave the clear impression of the bandits hide out that was still empty to their relief. Horse claps were heard from outside and without a word the four hid in the shadows waiting for the rider.
A lone bandit entered the cave. Waiting for him to take a few more steps, the group jumped him quickly, submitting him.

Cathy tied the bandit with rope that was lying on the ground. “We need to cut the rope” Arthur said and led them outside.
Peter took a position above the path, leading to the cave with his favorite weapon in hand – the bow and arrow, while the rest were cutting the ropes.

“They are coming” Peter called, seeing the rest of the riders making their way up the narrow path, one after the other. Hearing the commotion ahead, the riders picked up their pace to a trot.
“Gwen, help him out, shoot the two in the back” Arthur called out instructions they got used to trust. “We’ll hold back the other two” He called to Cathy who drew her sword.

Peter shot his first arrow, missing by an inch. Gwen on the other hand hit her target on the thigh, dropping the last rider to the ground. Arthur threw a rock at the first rider coming at him, making him dodge to his right, leaving his left open to a strong blow from Cathy’s blunt side of the sword, dropping him to the ground.

Peter made his second shot, leaving only one rider standing. Trying to turn and run, the rider noticed his path was blocked. He quickly dropped his sword noticing Peter and Gwen aiming their bows at him while Arthur and Cathy were holding their swords at the ready.

After tying the four bandits and making sure their wounds were shallow, they made their way back down the path to the main road. A large group of soldiers were heading their way on the road to the village. Pointing them towards the hill, the four parted from soldiers and made their way back to the village, reaching it by nightfall only to meet their beloved horses already there waiting for them.

“Should we tell folks it wasn’t Pegasus?” Cathy wondered when they sat to the table for supper.
“Let them believe” Arthur smiled, “Maybe we’ll find a real one, someday.” He continued smiling again to Peter.

Copyright © 2013 The Silver Wolf

Introduction – Arthur & the Young Knights

These are the tales of Arthur and his round table knights while they were bold boys and girls in medieval England. Their bond grows stronger in the time of need while helping to save their friends, neighbors and country from threats, whether they are from outside or within.

This fictional tales and adventures are described in a series of books that aren’t yet published.
I’ll publish here some short adventures the group had and biographies that won’t get published anywhere else.

I Hope you enjoy reading it as much as i do writing it.
I will try to post a new story every other Sunday.
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