The Young Knights & The Feast Part 2

silver wolf

“I think we should leave the castle” Cathy whispered as soon as the door closed behind Dale and the lock clicked into place again.
“We can’t” Gwen whispered. “You heard Dale”
A bang sounded on the door “Silence in there” an angry face appeared in the small opening, he scanned the room and checked the door.
“What can they do?” Another voice called from down the corridor “They are in a cell and the castle is closed shut”
“Just making sure” The guard said the face vanished and the sound of distancing footsteps were heard in the corridor.
“You’ve heard him we don’t any options anyway” Arthur shrugged.
“Even if we could have get out somehow we could never get our horses out” Gwen reminded them.
“I’m not leaving my horse here” Peter seconded Gwen, he was attached to his stallion and wasn’t going to part from him.
“So it…

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